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On this page you will find some common questions from our customers and the answers. If you have another question which is not shown then don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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Where can I get a list of prices?

Since each customer’s requirements are unique we prefer to quote you an accurate price rather than display a list of generic, approximate prices on the website. If you would like a free, no-obligation quote then please contact us with your requirements.

What documents do I need to bring to my check in?

We do not require any personal documentation for using our storage facilities

What is included in the storage price?

The quote price includes your full storage costs for the period shown and also includes your free, basic (fire & theft) insurance cover on your possessions. Any additional services or products will not be included unless explicitly mentioned in the quote.

Are my belongings insured while stored?

All of our storage plans include free, fire & theft insurance cover up to a maximum claim of £5,000 but additional cover can be purchased. You can also take out your own policy (or expand an existing policy) with an independent insurance broker if you wish.

Do I need to buy compulsory insurance?

Yes, some form of insurance cover is required for storing your possessions so if the basic cover is not sufficient you will need to take out a different policy through us or provide your own. In the latter case we will require proof/official documentation of your policy for our records so you should bring these with you on your check in.

How much does it cost to store... (this item)?

You can use our Storage Calculator to determine your storage requirements for a particular item. Once you know how much storage you need then just contact us for a free, no obligation quote

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes of course, so long as you cancel before your reservation date then any money you have paid will be refunded to you in full.

To cancel a reservation just contact us

Is there a reservation fee / deposit to pay?

There is no reservation fee or security deposit to pay at any of our STORAGE 4U branches!

Do I need to pay each time I access my locker/unit?

Access to your storage during our standard opening hours is completely free and you may come-and-go as often as you please. If you need to access your unit outside of normal hours then this may incur a small charge.

What are your opening times?

All of our standard branch opening times are available on the branches page

What should I do when i want to move out of my locker/unit?

You can move out of your unit/locker once 7 days notice has been given & served, we will refund only the remaining full weeks.

Please remove all of your possessions along with padlocks, combination locks, etc. from your unit by your move out day and let the front desk know so we can insure that policy is cancelled correctly and you are not overcharged for your stay.

If you change your mind and decide to keep your storage then this is no problem at all and we will keep your account active until you contact us again.