Please view our terms and conditions prior to booking storage space at any of our depots.

1 Our Quotation
Our quotation does include Government taxes and excise duties. The price quoted is valid for a period 14 day from the date of the quotation provided you have accepted it in writing within 14 days from the date of the quotation.

2 Goods Unacceptable for Storage

We will not accept any of the following for storage:
a) Living creatures
b) Foodstuffs or perishable goods
c) Flammable or combustible goods such as petrol, paints and solvents
d) Weapons, ammunition or explosives
e) Toxic waste, asbestos, chemicals, radioactive or biologically hazardous materials.
f) Bottled or compressed gas
g) Material giving off noxious odours or gasses.
h) Any item regarded as illegal, or illegally obtained.

3 We will not be liable for loss or damage resulting from:

a) Any vermin or similar infestation

(we do operate a pest control program)

b) War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies (whether war declared or not), civil commotion, military coup, wear and tear, leakage or evaporation, atmospheric or climatic changes.

c) Damp or mildew. We draw your attention to the fact that our premises are not heated.

d) All goods must be covered by your own Insurance as we cannot be held responsible.

 e) please cover and protect your good in the unit

4 Insurance Cover

Insurance cover Fire and Theft only to the maximum value of £5,000.00 per claim.

4a Additional Cover

Fire and Theft only to the maximum value of £10,000.00 per claim.

5 Our Right Of Lean

We have a legal right to withhold and ultimately dispose of some or all of your goods if you do not pay when requested all of our charges and other payments due under this contract. These include any charges we pay on your behalf. While we hold the goods and wait for payment you will be liable for all storage charges and other costs incurred by withholding your goods and these  conditions will continue to apply.

6 Our right to sell your goods
We may by giving you 14 days notice in writing to your last known address, requesting you to remove your goods from our custody and pay all monies due to us. If, after 14 days from the date of notice you have not paid all sums due to us we can sell or dispose of some or all of your goods without further notice. The cost of the sale or disposal will be charged to you. The net proceeds of any sale will be credited to your account and we will pay any eventual excess to you without interest.

7 Revision of storage charges
We review our charges periodically. You will be given 28 days notice of any increase and the opportunity to cancel the contract and / or remove your goods from storage.

8 Disputes
Any disputes of these terms and conditions will be resolved under English law.

9 Accounts
Our payment terms are calendar monthly in advance. All accounts to be paid within 7 days of invoice date or you will be automatically charged a late payment fee of £10.00 unless a prior agreement is made.

Our payment terms are 28 days in advance. Non refundable on the first month.

7 days notice must be given to end the contract.

All standing orders must be cancelled as no refunds within 21 days of any account being closed.

Any keys lost that result in locks being cut will be liable for a £15.00 surcharge. 

Any units over locked are liable for a £15.00 removal charge.

11) We must be provided with a valid email address or NO CONTRACT CAN BE ISSUED

(This will not be shared with any third party).